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Grizzly Update

Big Hole 411 cfs Jefferson 913 cfs

The latest report I received regarding that griz that was killed near Mill Creek was that he was not shot with a high powered rifle but rather with an arrow. Who ever shot him had to know it was a grizzly to get that close to shoot him with an arrow. Or he was really stupid, which I think he was any way for getting that close. I have not been able to get any more info on this incident but I’ve got some feelers out. There was a pretty interesting comment from the Buggerman just after I reported this. He said his old grandmother told him years ago how to tell the difference between a griz and a black bear. If a bear chases you and you climb up a tree and it follows you up, it’s a black bear. If it simply knocks the tree over, it’s a griz. You can also tell the difference by examining the droppings. Black bear scat contains seeds, little hair balls and such. Grizzly bear scat contains red pepper and little whistles and bells. You probably heard that one already.

I had a very touching comment from Aram and Hillary regarding the loss of my old fishing buddy, “Gus”. Thank you very much. It still brings a little tear to my eye when I think of all the times he went fishing with me and how he would stand right next to me and stare at the fly or how excited he would get when he saw me bring out my fly rod because he knew where we were going.

Forecast for tomorrow is for partly cloudy and warm. If your in the area, get out there and have a fun day. Use streamers in the morning and then go to a purple haze, can’t go wrong.


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