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Grizzly Bear

Big Hole 316 cfs Jefferson 670 cfs

This morning it is an absolutely beautiful day on the Big Hole. Temps. in the mid sixties, no wind and the fall colors getting more brilliant every day. Rain is predicted for the weekend but that will make the fishing even better.

A grizzly bear was found dead near the Mill Creek Rd. This is the scenic road which connects the Big Hole Valley above Wise River to Anaconda. The male grizzly was over six feet tall and weighed 480 pounds. The bear was shot with a high powered rifle. Game wardens are investigating the incident. I’m just spectulating but in all probability the griz was mistaken for a black bear by an over ambitious hunter, (black bear season is open) and after walking up to it and realizing his mistake, he left the area helter skelter.

Just a few weeks ago a lady from back east came into the shop and said they were going camping and asked if they were any bears in the area. I told her just black bears and they were no problem as they avoid humans as much as possible. She asked if they were any grizzly’s in the area and I responded negatively—-oops. I imagine from time to time their is a griz in the area as a male will range an area of a 1000 square miles. When camping in the mountains it always pays to be cautious, in other words don’t keep your bacon in the tent with you for fear of any critters getting to it. For an experienced hunter it is relatively easy to distinguish a black bear from a grizzly. The humped back, dished face, short ears etc. A black bear can vary in color from coal black, brown, cinnamon and blond and they have no shoulder hump, straight nose and much longer ears. When in the wilderness, just knowing that their might be a grizzly in the area to me just adds to the fact that this is a wild place and that you are just a short time visitor.


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