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Green Grass

Big Hole River 1450 cfs and dropping

Most of the snow has melted in my yard and there is green grass under it. This has to mean it will warm up a bit soon but not for a few days yet. It looks like Sunday will be getting back to some normal temps. The river is looking very fishable with visibility a foot an a half at least which is in my books good enough. I have said this in the past but historically these are the conditions when we have caught some of the biggest fish.

I drove upriver yesterday and the only problem I saw was a big ice jam just below Deep ‘Creek which is about 12 miles west of Wise River.

Tony continues to send some great humurous reports from Andros Island. I already knew about the gas tank deal on the boat from another source but was waiting to see if they owned up to it. I can just see Hank coming out to rescue them and chewing on them hard, which he can do with a vengence…and then holding up the gas tank and asking them if they forgot something? The Bahamians love to laugh and this story will be told and laughed over again and again. There is another really funny story about an event which happened at the Joulters. My friend Linda is the roving reporter on this one and she is going to get the full story and send it to me in the next day or two. The title will be the Pentacostal Preacher And The Shark.


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