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Great News

Big Hole River 1480 cfs—Maidenrock

A snow pack report came out this morning and the Jefferson basin which includes the Big Hole is now at 102 percent of 30 year average. At the end of April the situation was looking pretty bad and rumors went out all over the world that the Big Hole was in bad shape for the upcoming season. Then May came around and we got serious about doing the rain and snow dance and it worked. The rains came, the snow came (big time) and here at the end of the month we went from 75 percent of average to 102 percent. More moisture is on the way for the long upcoming weekend but who cares. My good friend Jack Kambich told me over a month ago we would be able to go snowmobiling the end of May. I kinda shined him on but damned if he wasn’t right. He has made many predictions that have come true but the one where he said Fleecer Mountain was going to erupt soon, I’m not quite sure about. The Clark Fork basin is now at 98 percent of average and the Bitteroot is still well below.

The R&D trip yesterday was super with some pretty hot streamer action. The water temp has warmed up enough where the fish liked some fast action with streamers.


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