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Great Day

Big Hole River 2360 cfs

It was a bit cool this morning, like 33 degrees at my house at first light. Dry fly action didn’t really get started til almost noon. Up to then we had good luck with a dropper. After that top water action was very good.

We saw a boat go into that left channel coming out of the Maidenrock Canyon. He went right past the signs that Coy had put up and had to have seen them. We waited for awhile but they were anchored in the channel fishing. Finally we left and as we were quite a way down river we heard a yell and head the boat hitting the rocks. We were way too far down stream to give aid and I watched if they made it back into the main channel after the noise. They never showed up that we could tell so chances are very good they ate it. Back to the old saying, there ain’t no cure for stupid. The signs are there, pay heed to them or pay the piper.


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