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Grayling Again

Big Hole River 1400 cfs—-Maidenrock

Got some great comments regarding the grayling and where they were caught. The one near Dillon is amazing. I knew they took some of the strain from the Big Hole and planted them in other rivers. The one I really questioned was planting them in the lower Beaverhead. Grayling need clean cold water and in late summer on the lower Beav. it’s anything but. It gets low, real mossy and unless I’m missing something not a good place for grayling.

As for the fishing in this neck of the woods, what can I say other than it’s very good. There have been lots of boats on the river over the weekend and many of them pleasure floaters just enjoying the float. We started early this morning to avoid the crowds and it paid off. It was a bit slow to start but it got really hot by mid morning and all on top water. We got a picture of two 18 inch brown trout in the net at the same time. They must have been twins as they were both tight on this grassy bank and hit the flies within a second. I netted Wally’s first and then Rich had his next to the boat so I scooped him up also. Should be a good photo which will be on the site soon. Afternoon slowed down with the typical slump for that time of day. Forecast for tomorrow is for cooler with 50 % chance for showers. When they predict 50 you can just figure on it and don’t forget your rain gear.


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