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Big Hole River 1630 cfs—Maidenrock

Even with the river rising some from all the rain the fishing remains excellent.

In the past couple days we have hooked into several grayling. On one trip it was way up river where they are supposed to be. We got into one pod and got three before I pulled out. From the rise forms they seemed to be all grayling. Now the surprising thing is that two days ago Roger said they caught two almost to the Glen access. Yesterday I floated that stretch and we got one between Glen bar and the access. I haven’t caught a grayling that far down river for a long time. Actually I don’t recall ever catching one down there. I would be very interested to hear from anybody who has caught grayling down that far and if they have caught them further down. I’m sure Pat McGee who is the grayling guru with FWP would also be interested. So if any one has caught one below Glen, please let us know.

We had some more of that global warming this morning as I noticed all the high peaks were all white with fresh snow. Now I’m just being a wise ass as I think it’s great. Even some of the old timers can’t really remember when we had this much water in the river going into the second week of July. As for the fresh snow, it was really there. Today was actually cold and I see my neighbor’s got his wood stove going. It’s cool but I refuse to light the wood stove in July. When I saw the snow on the peaks this morning it made me recall the days when we did the pack trips to the high lakes. I remember one night when me and the wrangler were up there setting up camp. It was so cold we used all the saddle pads from the saddle and pack horses to cover up with. We smelled like sweaty old horses but what the hell, we were warm.


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