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Good Weather–Good Fishin

Big Hole River 597 cfs—-Melrose

With weather like this a person cannot help but wanna be on the river. It worked out great as my old friend and client Dave called and asked about a trip today. I jumped at it. We didn’t start until mid day and it was a bit slow then. By the end of the day we had boated several nice brown trout. As a matter of fact we caught nothing but brown’s. No big monsters but lots in the 15 to 20 inch range and that’s good fishin.

In a couple spots an egg pattern worked pretty well but for the most part streamers ruled. Pumpkin bugger produced but the tan bunny really got the job done especially in the lower canyon.

The new ramp at Silver Bridge is great. Makes for loading the boat very easy with it’s gradual drop into deeper water.

The new shop here by the house is open and lookin great. The guys who stopped in this morning when it was still pretty cold and changed into their waders next to the pot belly stove thought it was terrific. Turn right just before you cross the Divide Bridge on Pump Staion Rd. and you can’t miss it across from the pump station.

Speaking of the Pump station they are nearing the point of getting her done. In the next few days they will pull the coffer dam bags from the new boat channel and you can bet I will be the first to float and check it out.


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