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Good To Go

The Big Hole remains good fishing and has a steady flow around 1100cfs. The cold nights have prevented any of the higher snow to come off. Streamers, nymphs are working and on certain days you can run into some baetis action on top mostly late afternoon. Skwalas are starting to taper off some. Tomorow the forecast is for a bit warmer so I think it’s time we check out the upper river.

Tony sent me a funny story which took place last Friday night at Hank’s Place on Andros Island. This is hilarious. Some guy from Jamaca was to perform on Hank’s dock bar and introduce his first cd. The guys name was Ziggy and was to be there late in the evening. The promoters for this Ziggy guy passed out fliers to the whole island. Needless to say the place was hoppin. Unbeknown to Hank some kid was collecting ten dollars at the gate to the dock for the free show. It got to be quite late and the crowd was starting to get antsy and wanted to see a show. While hearing all the commotion Hank came from the main bar to go down to the dock and ease the crowd. When Hank got to the gate a kid said hey man, you gots to pay 10 bucks to get in here. Hank looked at him and asked the kid “do you know who I am?” the kid looked at Hank and said no I don’t and I need ten bucks. Hank went off like a hurricane as we all know he can and the kid ran—FAST—with everyones money and Ziggy what’s his name never showed up.


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