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Good Times

Big Hole River, around 2000 cfs and stable.

Gypsy Kings, Black Magic, streamers, nymphs, all have been working at different times of day. Bottom line is the river is in excellent condition and fishing is great. Had calls from folks lookin for the caddis but none yet and it needs to warm up a bit for that action. Weather patterns have been changing almost hourly and you need to adjust accordingly. Of course you could always just hang on a San Juan worm and go with that and catch fish but come on now, let’s get a bit more creative and try some top water action and a totally different type streamer pattern or a plain and simple girdle bug from years past. In other words this is the time to expermint as conditions are excellent. As for me and tomorrow, the old proven Georgia Brown Stone will be my first choice and then on from there.


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