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Good Reports

Big Hole 311 cfs, temp. 66 and that’s at 5:30 in the afternoon Beaverhead 672 cfs

I have not personally been on the river since I came back from the Missouri but all the reports I’m getting are good. Spruce moth’s are showing up in certain sections. A big tan caddis or blond wulf works well for these guys. I had a guy stop in the shop yesterday who is an avid reader of mine and I told him to fish the skinny riffles for brown’s. He got back to me and said he did very well fishing that water. Another guy came in and got an assortment of fly’s and as he was leaving the parking lot, I ran out and handed him a flash cripple telling him to try that also. He came back in today and said, “do you have any more of them”? The tricos are still not out in force but should be soon. Hoppers will be getting better every day.

The river is holding up quite well, hovering around 300 cfs and the water temps. are great.


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