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Good or Bad

Big Hole River 2450 cfs and rising.

A little rain, a little lightning, a little hail and throw in some wind and then sun shine and calm to make a great evening, ya gotta love Montana. The reports I had today were either terrible or great. Now either somebody is lying or the others are not very good fisherman. Like the old saying, most fisherman are liars except you and me and some times I doubt you. I do know that fishing is getting a little tougher as the river is on the rise again. There are still a lot of salmon fly’s hanging on to the willows for dear life and waiting for some warm sun shine so they can do their thing. Every day is different according to the weather and river fluctuations. All this rain is just what the doctor ordered for the long term.

Bill R. from Hayden Lake—looking forward to seeing you here monday.


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