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Good Fishing

Big Hole River 2660 cfs, temp. 59

I didn’t fish today as I had a little problem with tendonitis which was really starting to bug me so I bit the bullet and went to see the doc. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn some times about going to a doctor cuz she gave me some meds this morning and with the help of a wrist brace it feels a hundred percent better. It’s kind of ironic that my client for the last few days who is a surgeon also had to go see the local doc after he had an encounter with a barb wire fence.

All the reports I have received today have been excellent. Fish are being caught on streamers, stonefly nymphs and salmon fly’s. There aren’t a great number of salmon fly’s anywhere but a few are crawling out all over the place and that means from Glen all the way up to Dickie Bridge which is a span of about fifty miles. I had one guy tell me the fish were taking salmon fly patterns at 6:30 this morning between Melrose and Brown’s Bridge. At 6:30 this morning I had my wrist suspended from the ceiling with baler twine to try and stop the throbbing.

Art and the roving reporter (Tone the Bone) went for a evening float and I’m waiting for a report from them. Of course there are two gin mills on the way back so they might be giving the report there.

The forecast for the next several days is cool with showers. The fishing should be great but don’t forget the rain gear.

Over the past several years folks have been asking me about guided float trips over to the Clark’s Fork and Blackfoot Rivers. I haven’t had the time to do these but now that will change. Owen who is going to do some trips for me on the Big Hole is based out of Missoula and he knows those waters as well as anyone. We have made arrangements for him to guide under my license on those rivers, first he has to take Art and myself on a couple R&D trips to approve it.


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