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Good Day, Bad Day

Big Hole River 333 cfs

What a difference just one day can make. I had heard several stories about the poor fishing in the Divide and Maidenrock area. So day before yesterday Bobby and I took an R&D run through there. Fishing was excellent. We caught fish on tricos, hoppers and ants and we caught some nice ones including a 20 inch brown on a #20 trico and an 18 rainbow on a ant. Most other fish were on hopper patterns. This is the first time I had good success with hoppers in this area.

Yesterday the fishing was the opposite. All reports I got were not good including one guided boat that got only one whitefish all day. Remember awhile back when I said there were times we prayed for a whitefish. Yesterday was one of them. A cool north wind and big drop in pressure would be my guess.

Today the fishing is back on. Just had a guy come in the shop and said he got a 22 inch rainbow on a royal wulff. No pic but he seemed an honest feller so I believed him and besides he bought a handful of royal wulffs.

Such is the fishing on a freestone river like the Big Hole. One day you da bug, next day you da windshield.


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