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Going Up and Out

Big Hole River 1615 cfs and rising.

We did fairly well today considering the conditions. The river was rising all day and the visibility getting less and less. We only got about a dozen fish but a couple 18’s and a two footer made the day. Bob finished off in style by dragging an 18 inch brown into the landing. Bob Asmuth and his son Andy called and said they did real well on nymphs today.

After looking at the graph and the forecast for tomorrow I decided to call my client and cancel. Record breaking warm temps. are predicted for tomorrow so I’m sure it will continue to rise. This weather is really screwy even for Montana. By the weekend the high temps. are predicted to be 50 with 50 percent chance of snow.

The big boy today was caught on a #4 black wooly buggger thrown back up stream from the boat into a pocket and dead drifted out. One thing I can say about Bob, he does what he is told and does not second guess his guide.


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