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Getting Better

Big Hole River 2620 cfs, temp. 50

The weather and the fishing was a bit better today. Yesterday we got totally soaked. Not a lot of fish were caught but they were all quality ranging from 14 to 21 inches. Ed had a real tough day yesterday but today he caught the most and the biggest. There were a few salmon fly shucks under Brown’s Bridge and quite a few under the old highway bridge down stream. We didn’t see any flying but we tried them any way and only got two hits. Most of the fish were caught on yuk bugs, bitch creeks, pumpkin buggers and olive buggers.

With all the rain we had yesterday I thought for sure the river would come up quite a bit and get murky, but it didn’t. It’s looking really good and as soon as it warms up a bit more it should turn on.

We saw numerous Western Tanningers, and they like a lot of fisherman are waiting for the salmon fly’s. When the fly’s are gone, so are they….. the birds I mean and a lot of fisherman too.


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