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Gettin Cold Again

Big Hole River 562 cfs. temp 50

The river took a jump going just over 600 but now is dropping and with the cold weather predicted for tomorrow should level off. The warm temps last couple days has melted some of the low snow and gave the river a bit of color. It’s still very fishable and the good fisherman are having a blast. Not that all fisherman aren’t good there are just some that are a bit better than others. Startin to sound like a fence ridin politician now.

With these cooler temps, cloudy conditions, river up a bit and with a little color—sounds like bugger time to me.

The bow’s and cutt’s are in full spawning mode now. How do I know that without being a fisheries biologist? Me and Amos (my great pyrenees) sat today on the concrete wall at the pump station dam watching em trying to jump over the dam. Some are real athletes and make it over the first try. Others keep trying but with each attempt get more tired and finally you see just their heads poking out of the water looking up at the dam. There really needs to be a fish ladder placed on this dam. It wouldn’t take much as one year with water levels a bit higher I tied an old toboggan on the wall nearest the settling pond angling down. The fish found it almost immediately and it worked great til the river got higher and washed it away. I have suggested this to the Montana FWP biologists, TU, Big Hole River Foundation, Big Hole Watershed Committee and it appears they are all in need of hearing aids. Maybe I didn’t suggest loud enough. The sad thing is watching a good sized native cutthroat (which there are so few left) trying to make it over and can’t. If anyone is interested and has a hour or two to spare, please join me and witness it for yourself–I’ll supply the coffee. This dam is owned by Butte, Silver Bow water company and I’m sure they would be willing to help if given the right direction and funding.


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