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Fun Day

Big Hole 423 cfs Beaverhead 789 cfs!!!!!! Jefferson 460 cfs

After literally getting our butts kicked yesterday by the wind and heat it was a good turn around today. We stayed on dry fly’s all day, unlike the past few days in the afternoon it was nymphs or nothing. Big stimulators, sparkle gray comparadun, purple haze, flash cripple, adams irresistable and yellow humpy’s did the trick. It took a bit of switching around but we managed to keep their attention. I have a client tomorrow who loves nymph fishing and is good at it. He likes to tie his own on and wade a lot. I know a couple great riffles which are ideal for nymphs and just happen to have a couple nice shade trees close by.

The next couple days should be good fishing on the Big Hole as the weather is supposed to cool down and some clouds rolling in.

The poor Jefferson River went to hell in a hurry. When it had a good flow it was too muddy and now it’s too low and mossy–too bad, I was looking forward to some good trips on it.

The Beaverhead is rippin. If your in a drift boat, don’t try and go under the interstate bridge just before Grasshopper Creek.


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