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Fun Day

Big Hole River 3970 cfs Beaverhead River 540 cfs

We had a good time in my boat today. It started out slow but I had a couple good shooters and I knew sooner or later we would connect. We caught fish on streamers, nymphs and dry flies but the streamers pretty much ruled. Ken nailed a 23 inch male brown with some serious shoulders on him. The take was classic as I was watching him strip the fly and we both saw the big golden flash with the fish missing the fly and we were both saying wow when the fish in a split second did a 180 and hammered it. Mid afternoon with a little warmer temp. produced a good flurry of caddis. We watched til we started to see a few noses coming up before going on top. When we did the action was short lived but good while it was happenin.

NOW GET THIS. Snow is predicted tomorrow with the level down to 5000 feet. On Wednesday it’s 100 % chance of snow with the level down to 4500 feet. Being at 5500 feet here they are telling us to put away the lawn mowers and bring back out the snow blowers. I guess it’s just more of this global warming stuff goin on.


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