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From The Source

Big Hole River 1880 cfs Maidenrock–

A report from some new happy fisherman on the Big Hole:

Thanks for the shuttle and the info yesterday. Jill, Cole and I had a ball. Great pieces of water to float. It’s just a shame we didn’t have more time. We decided to try throwing skwalas to see if anything would come up. Jill got one to smack it in about the first 15 minutes of the float and landed a nice 16″ brown. About half-way through we switched seat and she got on the oars for a bit. I wasn’t having trouble geting fish to come up but I had several misses. a long range release before I had to get my hands slimy, and a snap-off. I finally hooked a nice brown solid and got him landed. He was pushing 20″, Good times! We had a great day and a great float. I’m sure you’ll see us down in your neighborhood again in the near future.

Tight lines, Rick

There should be a photo of his fish if I didn’t screw it up.


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