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Freedom Van

I have decided due to non use lately to sell the Freedom Van. This thing was great on my trips to places like the Missouri. With boat in tow I would just pull into a fishing access site and be at home. This is a 1985 Chevy 2o van. I bought it from Art who had put a lot of work into it. Its a 302 engine with a Holly carb, Edelbrock high performance intake manifold and Hedman headers. It purrs like a kitten. It also has new 8 ply tires. First $1200 takes it.

How about the comment from the guy who was only catching whiteys until he started watching the shore line for the big boys feeding. At times you will only see a bulge in the water and it can be in very shallow water. Once you figure how to watch for these individual fish, it can be a lot of fun. Tricos are still around and the lower river is fishing ok with hoppers.

Art just called me and said he found a high end reel at the Divide Access. If you call or e-mail me with a description, he will be happy to give  it back to the owner.

Warm weather continues with a little cooling by Friday.


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