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Fishing Soon

The river has dropped from 4100 cfs the other day to 3250 cfs today and it’s starting to clean up. Visibility is getting close to two feet and getting better every day. All that adds up to a very fishable river in the next few days. Look for the fish to be tight on the banks and in the pockets and forget about any fast water. Back channels which are normally dry are now a favorite haunt for the big browns. With the river at this level, wade fishing is quite limited.

I just got off the phone with Herman Bain on Andros Island and he reported conditions and fishing are excellent. One to two foot seas on the outside and wind at about five knots. Those are perfect conditions. Yesterday they fished Stafford Creek area and caught about fifteen and today they fished Bowen Sound and caught about the same. Tomorrow they are going to the back reaches of Fresh Creek (one of my favorite areas) as one of Herman’s guide friends spotted quite a few permit there the day before. He said that Tony was out on the boat tonight with Gogie and they’re bottom fishing for big mutton and gray snapper. It makes my mouth water just thinking about a big fillet of steamed snapper covered with Hank’s special red sauce.


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