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Fishing report: 7/16/2023

The Big Hole has bee fishing well the last couple of weeks. We have been fishing Dry/Dropper rigs for the most part using #12 golden stone patterns and PMD nymphs. The warm weather has been pushing the good fishing time back. The best time on the river has been 7:30 to 2:00pm.

The water is in great shape running just under 1000 cfs. The water temps have been holding up as well with our cool nights (40 degrees) and frequent rain storms. We have had great luck on the wade fishing creeks in the areas, including wise river, nunyo, and rock creek. Seeking out cold water and happy fish has been our goal and it has been working well.

We are going to be facing some hot weather and low water in the next few weeks. If you are wanting to fish the Big Hole please make sure that you are only using single, barbless hooks, and that you are getting off the river when the air temp heats up. Please help us to protect our resource as this hot summer sets in and keep those fish wet!


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