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Fishing On The Jefferson

Big Hole River 213 cfs Beaverhead 210 cfs Jefferson 507 cfs

First fish of the day on the Jeff. was a fat, thick, hot, 21 inch rainbow taken on a streamer in a very nondescript place. That was also the biggest fish of the day. For the most part it was a bit tough fishing. This morning it was bright and cold as the temp. got down to 28 last night. We picked up several more fish through out the day but we had to go nymphs. After the sun got higher the fish refused to chase streamers. Art hit one hot spot and got five out of one riffle on a Delekta mega prince and a p.t.

The flow on the Big Hole is right on track to have it reopened by this weekend.

Forecast for tomorrow is mostly cloudy with some showers. That should make for much better fishing conditions and I know where I’m going.

My deepest sympathy goes out to Bill McMillan from Twin Bridges. Bill has been doing shuttles for me on the Jeff. for quite some time and when I called him last night he informed me his wife had recently passed on. When I told him I would find some one else to do the shuttle, he would have no part of it and said he needed things to do. When we got to the landing Bill was there waiting and walking on crutches. His comment was that he was just getting old and crippled and that he and his old buddy would make sure my rig would be delivered to the right spot. After we dumped the boat off the trailer, Bill got in the Jeep with some effort and waved and smiled and drove off. The pain he was going through not only physically but mentally was covered with a smile. That image some how stuck with me all day and still is.


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