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First day of summer

River flow at Mudd Cr.

Summer is officially here, despite the current weather conditions. Over the past week we have seen the river more than double, which has limited much of the fishing to the upper portions of the Big Hole, above East Bank. Even with the water returning to almost flood stage, the river is still fishing well. Most people have been throwing streamers. We have been successful with #4 and #6 Coffeys Sparkle Minnow in Smoke and Sculpin colors, Gold/Copper Kreelex, Rusty Trombone and #2 JJ Specials. We are still catching them underneath on the gummy worm, which has kept us busy on the vice. We have seen some isolated hatches of green drakes, so make sure to have some Krystal Drakes and Purple Haze #12 along too.

Hopefully the river will continue to drop after todays rainfall, the forecast looks like it will improve beginning on Sunday. That should open up the rest of the river to floating. and there is a chance there may still be some golden stones around. Time will tell!

In other news, our annual porch hatch of kittens has happened! Watch your step, as they are quite active. Happy solstice to everyone!


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