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First Big Hole Report Of The Season

It was a good sight in front of the shop this morning when Owen and his pals showed up with their drift boats in tow and ready to hit the river. These are the guys that are seniors at U of M and to say they are fly fishing fanatics is putting it mildly. Owen had read my report about the ice breaking up and that’s all it took. When he got to the shop he said he just couldn’t stand it any longer and had to get on the river. They pulled in just after dark and said they had a great time. They caught several nice brown’s on streamers, nymphs and the skwala nymph produced the best. They had such a good time they decided to camp out down by the shop and go again tomorrow. Even though it’s a fairly mild evening it’s still winter time here, but these guys are hard core and are in the process of pitching their tents. Owen, Peter and James are going to do some guiding for me this spring and early summer. If you happen to be in their boat you better be prepared to do some pretty intense fishing no matter what the weather. These guys did some guided trips for me last spring and had rave reviews from the clients.

I received a report from Lulu on Andros Island the other day. The main topic was that on Speedo’s birthday mother ocean gave him one hell of a present in the form of a 300 pound blue marlin. She didn’t go into any details as they were in a hurry to take advantage of the good weather and go spear some lobsters. I told her I wanted to hear all about the marlin when she had a little more time and will pass it on.


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