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Firewood and Brook Trout

Big Hole River 404 cfs

I noticed the wood pile at my neighbors place down the road a bit was almost down to nothing. I know they burn a lot of wood through the winter and it’s starting to get a little wintery now. This was an excuse to get in the old GMC and head to the hills. I knew of a spot where there were some nice dead standing trees and it was close to a fine brook trout stream. I asked Roger if he wanted to come along and he jumped at the opportunity. I thought now this is great as he can help load while I cut. When we got there I showed him some pools in the creek and told when I fish it I start there and just keep working my way upstream. He started there and said he would be back shortly to help load the blocks of wood. I dropped two good sized trees that I figured would make a good load. I took my time cutting as I figured he would be back soon to help. To make short of it I cut and loaded all of it and still no Roger. It was getting late and I was starting to think maybe a bear ate him but any bear that saw that goofy hat he wears would head for the next mountain range. He finally showed up with a smile and said the brookies were nailing a super beetle pattern and he just couldn’t quit.

Any way we were coming down Pump Station Rd. with the load and my neighbor just happened to be standing outside. I stopped the truck and asked him where he wanted it. I said this is an early Christmas present. In this country there is no finer gift than a good load of fire wood for those that heat with it. It was a long time ago but I remember when a good neighbor dropped a load of wood for me when I was in need.

My neighbors have a nice fire goin, Roger is havin brook trout for breakfast and as for me—-I’m just glad to be there.


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