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Fall is in full swing, Andros Island is coming soon!

The last couple have weeks have brought big changes to the valley and the fishing.  The river has begun a slow climb as the irrigation has shut down and the snow has begun to fall in the higher elevations.  The browns are beginning to do the big dance in the upper river but we still have not seen any major reds being prepared in the river below Jerry Creek.  The fishing has been hit and miss, as usual for this time of year, with fish rising to BWO’s and tan attractors size 12.  Underneath the fish have been moving on san juan worms, #16 copper johns and PT’s, as well as small black buggers #8 or 10.  The fishing has been picking up as the water warms around 11 am.  The window seems to close around 5 pm as the water temp starts to drop back down.  Its a beautiful time to be out there, the Wise River valley is in full fall colors and Divide is just on the verge of turning bright yellow and red as well.

I did get a chance to make it out duck hunting with Adam Bowe, owner of the Silver Bow Club, opening day.  The northern birds are not down yet but the locals were enough to keep us busy along with a couple geese.

I have been running back and forth from the Blackfoot to the Big hole in search of good fishing and have managed to find a quite a few nice fish.  Here are some of the pictures from our most recent adventures!


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