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Fall Fishing

Big Hole 423 cfs Jefferson 913 cfs

The weather and fishing remain outstanding on the Big Hole and surrounding rivers.

Roger Oettli who has helped me out in the shop all season left yesterday. He was a great asset to the shop and was always coming up with new ideas. Some of which I didn’t care for initially but turned out great. He would keep hounding me to try some new things until I finally gave in and they were a total success. His customer relationship was excellent and he could B.S. with the best of them. It didn’t show on the outside but Roger is dealing with a very serious illness. I wish him the best and look forward to seeing him next Spring.

Art took the van (which is rigged up with a bed and all the comforts of home) and his boat on a R&D trip to the Missouri. I’ve been waiting for a call from him to get a report. Who knows, with that van and his boat in tow by now he may be in Idaho or Washington steelhead fishing.


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