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Big Hole 335 cfs Beaverhead 618

This evening I walked down to the Divide boat launch and thought I would test the water. I tied on a #12 tan elk hair caddis and the results were unreal. I caught brown’s, rainbows, and grayling all in the same spot. The fish are definitely looking for the spruce moths. Tricos are coming on stronger every morning now.

This time of the year the same old rumors are popping up about the Big Hole River closing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The flow has actually come up a bit and the fishing is as good as any river in the state. One person came in the shop today and said he heard from a clerk in a fly shop in Livingston that the Big Hole was closed—don’t you know I’ll be on the phone tomorrow morning and do some serious chastising. This really gets my goat.


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