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End of season is nearing

We will be closing up for the 2019 season on October 22, 2019. Craig drew an antelope tag in West Dakota, so we are going to take advantage of the pre-big game rifle season and go try our luck with some speed goats.

Fall fishing is definitely here. Streamers and nymphs seem to be the ticket as of late. Tan zirdles, the Rusty Trombone, Sculpin Sparkle minnows and JJ specials have been our best streamers. For nymphs we have been using bubble back BWO’s and PMD’s, split case BWOS, Copper Johns and the yellow spot tungsten jig.

The browns are on the move and clearing off their spawning beds. Be kind to the redds…avoid walking over them and don’t target the fish that are using them.

We will be available for shuttles daily until we close up. Additionally, we will be offering good discounts on everything in-store from now until Oct. 22. 12% OFF Scott Fly Rods and 20% of flies, leader, tippet, reels, hats, clothing and fly boxes. Stop in and check out what we have. Guided fishing trips will be available for $475 per day.

Call 406-267-3346


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