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Easy Day

Big Hole River 3020 cfs

Went back to the upper river today where the flow is easy, brookies are willing and life is good. Hooked into one big brown but lost him. Got lots of brooks, bows, and several grayling. Was tempted to troll with one but thought better of it.

The river will have lots of pleasure floaters on this long weekend. If you want good fishing get on the water at first light and be off by noon. Roger is usually at the shop by 6:30 if you need a shuttle. Also Frank up there at Troutfitters is normally up earlier than that. (I’m gonna hear about that one)

As for the guy commenting about just spectulating on using huge streamers for 30 inch brown trout. I would personally have no problem using my tarpon rod if I had to in order to present some 10+ inch streamers. The more I think of it the more I want to do it.


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