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Fishing must be getting better around here. For the past few days there has been a bald eagle perched in a tree across the river from the house. This morning there were three of them perched on the same branch and they were chirping and bickering at each other like crazy. I guess they were trying to determine who had squatters rights. After a bit they quit being vocal and all three stared intently on the river below. I watched them for sometime until I got bored with it and never did see any hookups. I reckon they need a good guide. I have seen them get fish many times but it’s not at all like some of the outdoor video’s I have seen where they gracefully swoop down and snatch a trout from the water and fly off. The one’s I have seen must have gone to a different flight school. They are more like torpedo bombers except they don’t pull up at the last second. They crash dive on the water and flop around helter skelter. Some are able to fly off with their catch but many just keep flopping their wings toward the shore and stumble up on it. Then they just sit there for awhile with their catch secure in their talons and keep looking at and under their wings. I think their assessing the damage or trying to figure out some type of damage control.

I had a gal send a comment and asked if I could include some pictures with this blog. My answer to that is that I’am working on it and would love to send some as soon as I figure out how. Also in the future we may be doing an audio-blog–how about that. You gotta remember that a couple years ago I couldn’t even spell komputer and now I’m gonna be having a conversation with one.


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