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I can’t pull up today’s flow but it was 3100 yesterday and dropping so I imagine it’s around 3000 today. The fishing yesterday was also better than the last few days with reports of some big fish being taken on streamers. Not many fish were caught but all were good size.

I have been getting several phone calls as to when the Salmon Fly Hatch will take place. This is the million dollar question every year and it’s just as hard to predict as the Mother’s Day caddis hatch. The best I can do is some time between June 5th and 15th. There have been years when it’s been earlier and some when it was later. I remember in 1988 when they came out the end of May. That was the year we had the severe drought when the river dropped down to 50 cfs. That’s also the year when half of Yellow Stone Park burned down.


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