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The Big Hole River at Maidenrock as of 11:30 am today was at 5400 cfs. That’s almost a 1000 cfs drop from yesterday. The fishing yesterday was tough . Today should be much improved with streamers, big stone fly nymphs being the flies of choice. The extended forecast is for continued unseasonable cool temps. with scattered showers. With all that rain the other day in the valley, the mountains were getting lots of new snow. If the weather all of a sudden turned hot for a few days I’m afraid I would lose the bet.

I forgot to mention before that we have had the new license computer now for a few weeks. Their new system is much improved over the old program. It’s even easy for a computer illiterate like me to use.

There are quite a few Western Tanningers showing up and waiting for the Salmon Fly’s. With thses conditions they will have to wait for quite awhile yet for their annual feast.


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