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Big Hole River 6140 cfs—Maidenrock

The river is starting to drop significantly in the past 24 hours. Visibility is also improving greatly. All these good conditions starting and I just came back from the river and never got a look. I liked it better last week when it was raging but the caddis were all over also. The cold weather last couple days put a damper on them.

Yesterday Roger and Doug went upriver and did very well. It was cold and cloudy with a high of only 49 but the streamer action was great. They said they never caught a fish under 18 inches???? I do know they caught some big boys as they threw big streamers all day and Doug has not yet learned the fine art of telling fish story’s. He even carries a legitimate tape measure along. He’s a great fisherman and guide but has a lot to learn to be a legend, as most of us already are (in our own minds).

Looks like streamer weather for the next few days. Could get some baetis with the shower activity.

Rick from Helena is the official cfs man and is on top of it daily. According to him the flow has hit 8020 cfs three times at the Maidenrock station. I believe it was on May 25th, 28th and June 1st. We are going to keep the competition going until June 15th as you never know what might happen. Back in the 80’s when I was managing Anglers Paradise Lodge at Brown’s Bridge the river peaked on June 17th and was lapping the bridge.


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