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Big Hole River 3060 cfs–Maidenrock

The river is dropping fairly quickly and starting to get in really good shape. No longer are you whipping past the pockets at mach 2. How many times in the past couple weeks have I told the clients to get ready for the upcoming pocket and then 2 seconds later say “too late, lets see if we can get the next one”

Yesterday we picked up a few fish on salmon fly patterns and saw a couple salmon fly’s but for the most part their pretty much done. Fishing now is getting back to the more traditional mayfly and small stone fly patterns. During a light brief shower yesterday the baetis popped out and the river came alive with fish rising every where. It only lasted about 15 minutes but it was 15 minutes of hot fishing.

Several people have asked about grayling and if their almost all gone. Two days ago on the upper river we caught 4 in just a few minutes along a soft grassy bank where lots of them were sipping.

Yesterday evining a memorial service was held at Willis Station in Glen for fellow outfitter and friend Ryan Reichle. Ryan passed away June 19th at the young age of 34. Ryan loved the local rivers and streams and especially the challenge of the Bear Trap Canyon of the Madison. He will be missed by many of us.


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