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Dog Days

Big Hole River 840 cfs—Maidenrock

This morning the fishing on top started great with action right off the gitgo. However from that point on as the day got hotter it started to go down hill. By late afternoon it was really slow with strikes further and further apart. We stayed on top water as that was what Mark wanted and it was fine with me. With this warm weather early or very late is the ticket. Roger went out yesterday evening and didn’t start fishing until about 8. Between then and absolute dark he did great. He said the fish didn’t start feeding on top until just before dark and then it was every other cast he had a hit.

Glad to hear that custom made rod was found and returned to the owner. The guy who found it went to great lengths to find the owner as you can see on the previous entry comments. Another lost rod is a Scott 4wt on the frontage road between Divide and Melrose. This is a high end Scott and the owner would be super happy to get it back. Apparently they left it in the boat and it blew out. As for the guy who found that custom rod—cudos to you my friend. You made the owner a very happy man. When you get to the pearly gates Saint Pete is gonna definitely have that down on your entry form.

If you plan on going out the next couple days go early. The forecast is for pretty warm temps then. Our shop is usually open by 6:30.


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