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Does it get better?

Big Hole 1270 cfs temp. 53

We had some cancellations today (and they have no idea what they missed) so I watched the shop and Art went floating by him self. We both knew it should be good. It turned out to be super. Baetis were coming off in the morning and about noon he switched to caddis. I closed the shop late afternoon and met him about a mile above the take out. In that last mile the fishing was incredable. Numerous fish between 16 and 18 inches and in the slower water they were all over the place. Art has been fishing the Big Hole for quite some time but he said as far as numbers go, it was probably the best day ever. The forecast is for cooler temps and showers which may slow things up a bit but I doubt it. Jim F. and Dave C.—where were you?


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