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Crazy Weekend

Big Hole River 1800 cfs—-Maidenrock

Saturday and Sunday were absolutely crazy all up and down the river. There were pleasure floaters taking advantage of the nice weather and mixed with them were lots of salmon fly chasers. Unfortunately the top water action was not that good and the salmon flies were spotty with bugs here and there.

The hatch has pretty much worked it’s way all the way up the river. However it is very spotty.

Today the huge crowds are for the most part gone. It’s amazing the difference from the last couple days.

I do believe the best top water action with the big bugs will be happening all this week. Some times it takes a couple days for the fish to start keying on them.

Lost items: Redington  rod and Ross reel somewhere between Divide and Melrose. Green duffle bag turned into the shop with items in it, describe it and come get it.


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