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Crazy Patterns

Big Hole River 1580 cfs

Again today we had a lot of action on top. There was nothing happening this morning when we put in as it was pretty cool and rainy. Instead of going to nymphs I decided to try some rather bazaar large dry fly patterns and hang a nymph off them for a back up and guess what–they worked. During the course of the day after the rain stopped we got into some heavy bwo hatches. At one point when I was changing patterns the fish were gulping all around the boat. As soon as I finished tying them on the sun came out and they quit. The fishing was pretty steady all day with may fly’s working the best.

We almost had a mishap that some body else could be writing about. In the back seat of the drift boat some clients get in the habit of sitting backwards, WHICH I STRONGLY DISCOURAGE. They don’t see what’s going on, they get tangled with the person in front and they shuffle their feet over the drain plugs and in danger of kicking them out. Well this happened today and I didn’t realize it right away as the person in front had a nice fish on. When I looked down and saw my cooler floating in front of me I knew we were in trouble. Had this happened up in the canyon in one of those rapids, my boat would be in the bottom of one those 30 foot holes. If you are floating with me in the future and your sitting backwards in the back seat, you will get my attention.


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