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Cooling temps

It looks like the most recent heat wave to hit southwestern Montana is about to move along, and we are forecast to see air temperatures back around average for early September. Lower temperatures, along with smoke in the air will bring water temperatures down as well. Now all we need is some more water in the river, and we should see some happy trout. Our local anglers are really hoping for some rain, as we are getting pretty close to mandatory closure as dictated by the BHWC Drought Management Plan.

As for the fishing, we have been trying our best to get out fishing on high mountain lakes and cool tributaries. The fishing on the Big Hole has been fair, with some tricos still coming out, and fish occasionally looking up for hoppers and ants. We have also seen trout chasing the buggers pretty well, especially in the fast riffles.

Local closures are as follows: Big Hole is closed from confluence with Beaverhead to Maiden Rock FWP (Dead Zone) and from Dickie Bridge up river to Saginaw Meadows. The entire Beaverhead River is closed, as well as the Jefferson River.


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