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Cooling Down

Big Hole River 340 cfs Beaverhead River 965 cfs

The temperature today was much more bearable than it has been for some time and the forecast is for back to normal temps.

There are still a lot of spruce moths around but some of the fish must be getting full of them. We would be at the tail out of a certain riffle and there would be dozens of moths floating down and nothing taking them so we would change patterns. Then we would get to the next riffle and the fish would be gobbling them so we would change back. This morning there were some really big fish feeding tight on the banks in shallow slow water. The presentation to these fish has to be perfect. The guys I had today were novices and missed quite a few but with constant coaching they did stick a couple nice ones. I just kept telling them to slow down and get a drag free drift and when they did that they scored.

I just heard the Big Hole Watershed Committee received a 1.6 million dollar grant to aid in the Grayling recovery program. This is great news for all the fish in the river. Noorjahan Parwana who is the director of the BHWC promised me that she would give us a report on that committee and I’ll let her give you all the details regarding this grant.


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