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Cool And Cloudy

Big Hole River 403 cfs

The river has come up a bit in the last few days and I’m not exactly sure why but it’s great. Probably rained more in the high country than it did here in the valley. It was starting to get a little tough getting through some of those boulder fields in the river so this higher flow makes life a little easier.

The cool cloudy weather has dampened the dry fly fishing some but streamer action has more than made up for it. In the past few days we have caught some real dandy brown trout on streamers mostly olive and black in size 4 or 6. Secret is to be fairly aggressive with the strip. Bob started out with a fairly slow short strip and was getting nothing. When he started using long fast strips the action started.

PPL who is the owner of Hebgen dam on the Madison is still having trouble shutting off the flow from that faulty head gate. The river down stream is still high but I have had reports the fishing is good with several big fish being taken.


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