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Big Hole River 368 cfs, water temp. 31.8 degrees

Not a hell of a lot going on here on the Big Hole as it has been unseasonably cold for the last couple weeks. Weather pattern is supposed to moderate by the middle of next week and I hope so as I’m getting really cranky.

Some good news did arrive yesterday from Jim and Sandy who just got back from Andros. They had quite a few problems with flights being cancelled and such but they made it and most importantly their baggage made it. Part of their baggage included a cooler full of frozen conch. Many thanks to my friend Linda who lives on Andros for making this happen. Hank was almost out of conch and there was a severe shortage going on partly because of the bad weather conditions and nobody going out. Linda got in touch with a friend down at Behring Point and he had a bunch. Jim and Sandy live just over the hill sort of speak along the Jefferson River. We will be getting together soon to have conch salad, stew conch and or fritters. You’re all welcome to join in on this feast.


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