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Big Hole River 3840 cfs

The fishing today for us was pretty good despite the rising river. I will have to admit we were bobberin most of the time with the big stone fly nymphs getting most of the action. As for the Salmon Fly’s there were none on the upper river.

I just approved lots of new comments regarding river etiquette and thanks to all for your input.

Bottom line is that the majority of floaters are very courteous and considerate. Also 99 percent of the guides are the same. It just takes a couple bad ones (like the one who was looking right at me and pulled right in front of me) he definitely needed an ass kickin attitude adjustment but he had an older couple in the boat who seemed a bit intimidated about the whole thing, so I backed off and let it slide. Had it been 20 years ago I would have floated along side him, jumped in his boat, beat him severely about the head and shoulders and then gone on my merry way. With more and more people on the rivers there needs to me more info posted regarding river etiquette. Perhaps some of the money that all outfitters and guides have to pay now for these access sites could go toward informational education on this matter.


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