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Comin Down

The river crested yesterday at almost 8000 cfs. It’s kinda funny as the bioligists had said earlier they would like to see a flow between 7 and 8 grand to give the river a good flushing. It definitely got a good flushing and still is. All unwanted debris along the banks in our part of the country is now heading for the Missouri and points beyond.

A couple hours ago Amos and I did our walk and inspection tour of the river. It has definitely dropped and the visibility on the banks is getting close to that magic foot and a half.

There is a heavy snow advisory above 6000 feet with up to 10 inches predicted for tonight and tomorrow. My crystal ball tells me (since I got it back from the repair shop) that the river will continue to drop despite the new snow and will start to fish again in a couple days. The flows will remain high for some time but with the river dropping and banks clearing it’s time to check it out.

Word of warning……with flows at this level it’s not a time for beginners or wannabes with their new discount float boats to be tryin the river. Also the pump station dam by my house at this time is non portagable. The flow is so high now is would swamp your boat immediately where we normally portage.


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