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Cold Morning

Big Hole 400 cfs Jefferson 832 cfs

We floated the lower river today and it was pretty slow to start with which didn’t surprise me given the cold temps. this morning. By late morning we went to dry fly’s as we saw some fish feeding on top. After about an hour the action really picked up on top water. Not many big fish but steady hits. At one point we were fishing the right side of the river when something caught my eye on the left. As I looked over there was a big bull moose standing right on the bank and a cow and calf nearby. He was a big boy and he just stood there and stared at us, so I stared back and thought to myself (you would fill up my freezer rather nicely and moose meat is great).

The forecast for the next couple days looks good. High temps. about sixty with possible rain by Saturday. Fishing should be excellent. I was surprised how well the fish hit dry fly’s today as it was bright and fairly cool.


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