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Big Hole River 147 cfs Beaverhead River 415 cfs

According to the Big Hole Watershed Committee drought plan I just received it appears imminent the entire Big Hole River will close within the next few days. The hottest July on record along with low precipitation seems to have done us in. A good rain shower in the next couple days would save the day but it doesn’t appear too likely. The water temp. is no problem any more with the very cool mornings. Thick smoke has covered just about all of SW Montana for the last couple days with the numerous fires in Montana and Idaho. This report is a bit depressing to say the least as are the conditions out my window with all the smoke and low flow in the river.

My man Jason figured out what was happening to comments many readers sent through out the summer. They were sent to moderation awaiting my approval. I didn’t know I had this feature which is a good thing cuz if I don’t like a comment I can just wipe it out. Any way all comments should now be published under their respective titles. If you would like to resubmit any comments I promise I will approve them.


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