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Close Call

Big Hole River 442 cfs Beaverhead River 370 cfs

Yesterday evening just after dark I was heading up to Wise River for dinner. I was between Dewey and Thompsons corner when all of a sudden here was this bull elk right in front of me. It was like he came out of nowhere. I was in the little shuttle car and the only thought that raced through my mind was “this is really going to hurt” I had slammed on the brakes and the car stopped just inches from him. For a split second it was like he was froze there, probably blinded by the lights. He was a big 5 point bull and looking up at him in that little car he looked like the biggest elk I had ever seen. He then bounded off followed by about 10 more and all right in front of me. I just sat there for a couple seconds wondering if I should turn around, go home and change my shorts. Had I hit him he would have come right through the windshield on top of me. That one was close.

As you have probably noticed I have now written much lately. That’s cuz there is not much to write about except if went from Summer directly to Winter in a matter of 2 days. It’s all about this global warming thing again and I don’t buy it. Tonight and tomorrow night the low temps are predicted to break all time records by as much as 10 degrees. Below zero weather for early October is unheard of but it’s happenin. By Tuesday it looks like back in the 40’s and I hope so cuz I have a trip that day and breaking ice off the tip tops is not in my game plan.

Temp. on Andros Island is 88 with light winds!!!!!!


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